10x Green Hotspots Rotterdam

New places are popping up in Rotterdam every day, so we’ve selected some old and new green hotspots to shop, eat or to escape the hustle of the city!

1. Get local

Old warehouses turned into…well, an old warehouse, but packed with everything a foody can wish for. From locally grown vegetables from Rechtstreex to locally brewed beers from Kaapse Brouwers, and irresistible tapas from Meneer Tanger to enjoy with a view on the Maas. http://www.fenixfoodfactory.nl

 2. Green thumbs up!

Get your green on with Stek! A cute shop for city gardeners, run by 5 green professionals. From plants on your balcony to tips on growing your own vegetables or advice on how to turn an empty wasteland into a community garden, they will you help you out and turn you into a green garden god(dess) in no time. http://www.stekrotterdam.nl

3. Sipping your sins away

Get your coffee fix at Heilige Boontjes (holy beans) with a good feeling on the side instead of a cookie. Heilige boontjes is set up to get (disadvantaged) youth in Rotterdam a place to work and earn experience, independence and mad coffee skills. They have 2 locations, one at the Burgemeester Meineszplein and one in the old police station at Eendrachtsplein. Speaking about the police station location…don’t forget to confess your sins at the hallway near the cellblocks while you’re at it. http://www.heiligeboontjes.com 

4. Herb fest

Across the bridge (and then some) at Rotterdam South you can find ‘Rotterdamse Munt’, a field full of mouth-watering smells from the herbs that grow there. From fresh herbs for your tea to edible flowers or herbs to cook with, it’s all organic and fresh. In need of some? Go for the subscription and get a fresh stash every month. http://rotterdamsemunt.nl/

5. Blue is the new green

One of the most photogenetic places in Rotterdam: the abandoned swimming pool near the Maas, which is known by the Rotterdammers as ‘Tropicana’. Nowadays this is a pool full of possibilities called Blue City 010, where circulair companies have found a way to reuse waste. Take Rotterzwam for example, where oyster mushrooms grow on the coffee waste from Aloha Bar, and where you can eat tasty oyster mushroom croquettes in return at Aloha. We’re also a buzzing for Stadsimker Abderrahim Bouna, who has the sweetest range of honey we ever saw, from honey with mint or chai to our favourite with lemon and ginger. http://www.bluecity.nl

6. Eat your urban greens

Uit je eigen stad ( from your own city) connects urban city habitats with the origin of food, which sounds a lot more difficult than it really is. It’s actually pretty easy. Hop on your bike, get to the harbors of Rotterdam near Marconiplein and find the urban city farm with vast fields and greenhouses where you can order exactly what grows next to you. You can find the Uit je eigen stad farm and restaurant at Marconistraat 39 and a smaller café version at Central Station where they also have a good gift shop with local products from Rotterdam. http://www.uitjeeigenstad.nl

7. A sweet spot

A concept store/pop up/café that will inspire your creative mind and stomach. Situated just off of the Meent, Keet is a great place to meet up or find the perfect gift. You’ve got to love waffles when you’re going here, but they also have fairtrade coffee from TikTak when you’re up for something strong instead of sweet. Take home PUUR soap, soap which is free from chemicals and made by people with a disability or go for the Lollipops from Zoet Supply, which are handmade from natural ingredients. Isn’t that sweet? http://www.keetrotterdam.nl

8. A natural 

Did you know Rotterdam has a green oasis of waving crops with trees to climb, a mouth-watering herb garden and chickens walking around? Well-hidden at the Schiebroekse Park lays ‘Natuurtalent’, where you  can escape the hustle of the city. Pick your own flowers for a bouquet and go for the cakes at the teahouse where you probably also find Max the Cat. https://www.facebook.com/natuurtalent010/

9. Getting High

Photo by @unfolded

On top of the Schieblock building is the first green rooftop where you can harvest fruit, vegetables and hear the bees buzzing! Rooftop bistro Op Het Dak (On The Roof) is open every day with a spectacular view across de Stadsakker and Rotterdam to go with your veggies. https://www.facebook.com/pg/SchieblockDakcafe

10. Weekends are for Farmers markets

One of the better ways to spend a Saturday is at the Farmersmarket ‘Rotterdamse Oogst’, where you can get mouth-watering ingredients from locals for your dinner tonight, but never be able to resist the rest which turns your shopping round into a picnic. ­For a fair price you’re not only supporting the local farmers, but you also get to hear the passionate stories where the products come from, along with a personal recipe if you are lucky 😉 http://www.rotterdamseoogst.nl/



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